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The 3rd Generation Crash Barrier Modeling Method and Application on MPDB

As the car crash protocol evolves, crash barrier becomes stronger and stronger, Figure 1 shows the deformation comparison of frontal barrier ODB and MPDB, side barrier EU-MDB and IIHS-Side after crashing with a compact SUV, ODB bottoms out while MPDB has half depth left, EU-MDB has very large deformation while most part of IIHS-Side barrier even does not deform.

Development of Pedestrian Headform Finite Element (FE)Model using LS-DYNA® and its validation as per AIS 100/GTR 9

Thousands of pedestrians die due to road accidents in the world every year. Head injury is more life threatening and most common cause of pedestrian deaths in pedestrian to vehicle collision. To reduce rate of pedestrian death, international safety committees have developed test in which headform impactors are impacted upon car vehicle front structure (bonnet) and approval is given based on headform acceleration within specified range.