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FEA Newsletter 2005

FEA Newsletter December 2005
LS-OPT Version 3 for Windows. Deformability Switching in LS-DYNA
FEA Newsletter November 2005
TOPCRUNCH NEWS: Two new features have been added to TopCrunch. Yahoo Discussion Group for LS-DYNA: Yahoo Yammerings by Len Schwer. LS-DYNA Users Conference Information. Network License Manager for PC/Windows, Linux, and Unix
FEA Newsletter October 2005
ANSYS Designspace helps elevator manufacturer reach for new and higher standards. AMD to power NASCAR
FEA Newsletter September 2005
LSTC 9th International LS-DYNA Users Conference 2006. LS-DYNA News - Part 3: Version 971 Developments. LS-DYNA and SGI Altix System Bundle
FEA Newsletter August 2005
LS-DYNA NEWS - Part 2: Version 971 Developments. IBM: What's grid computing
FEA Newsletter July 2005
Cray: Demonstrating Breakthrough Performance for the Crash/ Explicit Code LS-DYNA. HP: Special Edition L2000 Notebook PC featuring AMD Turion TM 64 mobile technology. DYNAmore invites you to the upcoming German LS-DYNA Forum
FEA Newsletter June 2005
IBM: National Geographic and IBM launch landmark project to map how humankind populated planet. Automotive Industry: Ford Crown Victoria Crash Simulation. SGI Technology Powers NASA Michoud Preparations for Shuttle Return to Flight. BioRID-II Dummy Model for LS-DYNA from DYNAmore
FEA Newsletter May 2005
AMD: Multi-Core Processors Represent a Major Evolution in Computing Technology. Bird Strike on a Composite Jet Engine Inlet.
FEA Newsletter April 2005
Virtualization: Bringing Flexibility and New Capabilities to Computing Platforms. Cray: Supercomputer "XD1". DYNA Conferences in Korea and Japan. Computational Plasticity Part 2: Integration of the Plasticity Equations.
FEA Newsletter March 2005
CAE supported by LS-DYNA. NEC: Supercomputer "SX-8". Computational Plasticity Part 1: Basic Plasticity Theory.
FEA Newsletter February 2005
LS-DYNA: A Computer Modeling Success Story. INTEL /SGI. Casting Analysis. Stolle Panda Bolt Stress and Deflection Analysis. LS-DYNA: Metal Forming Technologies.
FEA Newsletter January 2005
ANSYS acquires Century Dynamics