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FEA Newsletter 2004

FEA Newsletter December 2004
Primer release 9.1. AMD usage at Bell Helicopter. OoP Simulation; A joint paper of the German OEMs. JMAG Software.
FEA Newsletter November 2004
eta VPG release 3.0. Papers at NASA investigations on the space shuttle accident. Structural analysis in the frequency domain.
FEA Newsletter October 2004
MPP in various industries. Ansys Paramesh. OASYS Primer. eta/dynaform. AVI Library.
FEA Newsletter September 2004
LS-DYNA in China. LS-DYNA at BMW for metal forming. SPH Performance.
FEA Newsletter August 2004
Simulation of Train accident. Helicopter gear design. SGI Altix at Procter & Gamble.
FEA Newsletter July 2004
Simulation of a Shape Charge. HP and Shrek 2. Hardware information from: Fujitsu, IBM, Intel. NEC Express5800/1000 series. AMD and the Trek bike of Lance Armstrong.
FEA Newsletter June 2004
Heat Transfer and Thermal Analysis with LS-DYNA. Gear Tooth Analysis for Helicopters. NEC Express5800/1000 series. GigaVIZ from SGI. Solving Nonlinear Equations.
FEA Newsletter May 2004
Simulation of Airline Seats. eta Virtual Proving Ground. Analysis of DNA structures.
FEA Newsletter April 2004
Solving non-linear equations. Examples for LS-DYNA. IBM linux cluster. AMD Opteron.
FEA Newsletter March 2004
LS-DYNA Conference in May 2004. SGI Altix. Shock resistant design with ANSYS. Stress Initialization.
FEA Newsletter February 2004
Benchmark figures from Top Crunch Project. Durability with analysis at John Deere. Robustness paper from Nielen Stander.
FEA Newsletter January 2004
LS-PREPOST new features. LS-DYNA 971 developments. Computational costs for LS-DYNA MPP.