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FEA Newsletter 2016

FEA Newsletter December 2016
LSTC - CRAY - ESI Group Unleashes Virtual Performance Solution - Thermal Coupling Method Between SPH Paticles and Solid Elements in LS-DYNA
FEA Newsletter November 2016
BETA CAE Systems - ANSA / Epilypsis / ETA v17.0.2 suite - Cray Launches Next-Generation Supercomputer - ESI Group Unleashes Virtual Performance Solution - Introduction to second order Lagrangian elements in LS-DYNA - Hailong Teng - LSTC
FEA Newsletter October 2016
BETA CAE Systems Release of v16.2.3 - 2017 FORD F-Series Super Duty, "Heavy beauty pick up truck" - ESI Group - Safram Nacelles ESI IC.IDO - Hao Chen: An Introduction to *Constrained_Beam_In_Solid
FEA Newsletter August 2016
Youtube ShowCase - ERP Density Fringe Plot - Francois-Henrit Rouet - Live Webinar on Tuesday, September 13 - EM Module
FEA Newsletter July 2016
Cloud - ETA - Chandra - DRView App - GM & NSAS
FEA Newsletter June 2016
FEA Newsletter May 2016
14th LS-DYNA International Users Meeting & Conference
FEA Newsletter April 2016
BETA CAE System announces the release of v16.0.4 of its software suite - Cray Awarded Contract to Upgrade Cray Systems at Germany's National Meteorological Service - ESI Virtual Performance Solution results, shared using ESI-Player, on a tablet - Dr. Yanbin Liu, Memorial March 31 2016
FEA Newsletter March 2016
2016 THUMS USA Users' Meeting - Oasys 13.0 Software Suite - ESI Cloud Based Virtual Engineering Solutions - All-New 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Race Truck
FEA Newsletter February 2016
Want to own your own drone? Booth 105 - Rescale - ETA PRESYS - Cray / Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) - LENOVO - Hyperconvergence a new terrain?
FEA Newsletter January 2016
ICFD Post treatment withl LSPP4.3 - Observations on Material Modeling - NASA's CORAL Campaign - DELL Raises the Bar for Open Networking