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FEA Newsletter 2003

FEA Newsletter December 2003
Status of LS-DYNA version 970-971-980. JMAG showcased by JRI. Web site for LS-DYNA Benchmarks.
FEA Newsletter November 2003
Walking on fire with LS-DYNA. About NAG and AMD. Applications at Pilatus Aircraft.
FEA Newsletter October 2003
Modeling of ski safety nets. OASYS environment for LS-DYNA. Picture-perfect movies with SGI.
FEA Newsletter September 2003
Race car design with ANSYS. Paper: Crack simulation in 3D. Call for papers 8th International Conference.
FEA Newsletter August 2003
Centrifugal fan design. How to find technical papers on LS-DYNA. LS-OPT.
FEA Newsletter July 2003
SGI ONYX 350, advanced visualization. Eigenvalue analysis with LS-DYNA. Paper: LS-DYNA Application in Aerospace.
FEA Newsletter June 2003
JRI showcases JMAG product. ANSYS used by a wire manufacturer. Paper: Two-stage stochastic and deterministic optimization.
FEA Newsletter May 2003
Fender musical instrument. Pre- post product information. Full-scale seismic-resistant structural frame test with LS-DYNA Implicit.
FEA Newsletter April 2003
HP's Innovative PRS team. LS-DYNA dummy modeling. SGI Altix.
FEA Newsletter March 2003
LS-OPT Version 2. FEMB/PC Version 28. SGI Global Climate.
FEA Newsletter February 2003
LSTC Optimization Methodology. 4th European LS-DYNA Conference: list of submitted papers. Zero Energy Modes in One Dimension.
FEA Newsletter January 2003
New Functionality in LS-PREPOST. Decisions Support Center (SGI). Element Locking.