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FEA Newsletter 2002

FEA Newsletter December 2002
New features in LS-DYNA Version 970
FEA Newsletter November 2002
Observations During Validation of Side Impact Dummy Models (DYNAmore). Helping Build America's Backbone... (SGI). Aircraft Engine Fragment Barriers (SRI Intl.).
FEA Newsletter October 2002
Meshing Methods. Generator of Pulse Jets. HP Helps NYFD Get Fired-up for Training. Keeping Personnel Safe "In the Line of Duty". Chrysler Group Adopts Innovative Technology Approach to Impact Simulation Testing.
FEA Newsletter September 2002
September 11 Pentagon Attack Simulations using LS-DYNA Phase 1 DesignSpace Speeds Mitroflow Development of Pericardial Heart Valves Publication: Development of a Coupled Finite Element and Meshfree Method in LS-DYNA
FEA Newsletter August 2002
A New LS-DYNA Feature for Large Deformation Modeling of Honeycomb and Foam Materials - The Coupled Finite Element and Mesh-free Method Ferrari 360 Modena - Collaborative Commitment to the Vehicle Maker's Art. Design of Biomedical Devices - Analysis and Design of Biomedical Stents and Stent/Grafts.
FEA Newsletter July 2002
Automotive Door Sealing System Analysis. Eye in the Sky. Linux is Not a Fat Penguin. Material Modeling - Chapter 4, Section 1 (from the Course Notes of Paul Du Bois). Constructing Brain Models.
FEA Newsletter June 2002
One Model - One Code (LSTC). A Material Model for Transversely Anisotropic Crushable Foams in LS-DYNA. Getting Started with LS-DYNA - Chapter 4. Visteon Uses Advanced Visualization to Give Passengers a Safe, Smooth Ride.
FEA Newsletter May 2002
Review of the 7th International LS-DYNA Users Conference. LS-DYNA on HPC Servers Part 2 of 2. DaimlerChrysler Chooses AMD-Based Server for Enterprise Computing. Improvements to the Beverage Can Redraw Process Using LS-DYNA.
FEA Newsletter April 2002
High Performance Compute Servers(HPC) Part 1 of 2. Previewing the Future At the Speed of Sound. CYBORG CLOTHING. Input Parameters for Spring back Simulation using LS-DYNA.
FEA Newsletter March 2002
Post Processing - A tool to solving problems through visualization. A Brief Introduction to Explicit Finite Element Methods. Tires.
FEA Newsletter February 2002
Efficient and Robust Spot weld Modeling and Simulation in Crashworthiness with LS-DYNA. What is a Benchmark. Arup Uses CFD Visualization to Breathe Fresh Air Into Historical London Coliseum.
FEA Newsletter January 2002
A New Material Model for Low Density Foams. Modeling Rigid Bodies In LS-DYNA. Getting Started with LS-DYNA. DesignSpace and SolidWorks Help Buck Knives. Virtual Prototype Analysis.