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Fea Newsletter 2013

FEA Newsletter December 2013
ANSA Model Checks for LS-DYNA - KMUTT, ETA and DFETECH - ESI Group Visual-Environment 9.0
FEA Newsletter November 2013
Mercedes-Benz to return to China in 2014 DTM season - Aerospace News: Lockheed - Bombardier
FEA Newsletter October 2013
Comet Solution (Space-Borne EO Sensors) - LSTC AE-MDB Model - Cray Cluster Supercomputer at Mississippi - ESI Group Acquisition of CyDesign Labs. Inc.
FEA Newsletter September 2013
LSTC, Call for Papers 13th Int. LS-DYNA Users Conference - CRAY - Ford Motor Company - Auction Prototype of the 2014 Mustang Cobra Jet
FEA Newsletter August 2013
New Multiphysics Solver - R7
FEA Newsletter July 2013
Evaluation of a dummy design by using a human body model - Lancemore Co. You Tube AVI's - ESI Software Visual-Environment
FEA Newsletter June 2013
LS-DYNA R7 Three New Solvers for Multiphysics Purposes - LS-OPT Version 5.0 - Comet Solutions Expands Presence in China
FEA Newsletter May 2013
ANSA & µETA v14.1.0 Dummy Positioning & Restraining - ETA PreSys engineering simulation - Jim Harbaugh To Pace Indy 500 in 2014 Corvette Stingray
FEA Newsletter April 2013
LSTC & Dalian Fukun announce 1st LS-DYNA User Conferene - Shanghai Hengstar: ESI - Kaizenat and DYNAmore GmbH
FEA Newsletter March 2013
LSTC Output Control of D§PLOT in Auto-Positioning - Comet Solutions Inc.: Comet Engineering Workspace - DYNAFORM Enhanced with Optimzation
FEA Newsletter February 2013
New Section e-learning & 1-day Seminars - µETA Post-Processor Toolbars - Opportunities in Thailand - Cray Helps Save Rabbits
FEA Newsletter January 2013
ESI-Group Visual-Enviroment v8.5 - Cray, Xtreme-Cool Supercomputer - LSTC, New One Day Seminar Offerings