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FEA Newsletter 2012

FEA Newsletter December 2012
Modeling Warm Forming & Hot stamping - The Implicit Solver LS-DYNA - Blast & Penetration - Internet Conference Presentations
FEA Newsletter November 2012
GOMPUTE LS-DYNA HPC on demand for academic users - ETA LS-OPT Incorporated into DYNAFORm - GNS Animator 4 v.2.0.2 released
FEA Newsletter October 2012
Upgrade Your Windows Workstation To LS-DYNA SMP - Unfolding flanges - Sheet Metal Forming - Matereality 6.0 Release
FEA Newsletter September 2012
Session on "Optimization in Nonlinear Dynamics" - Lancemore Co., Japan - Cray XE6m Supercomputer
FEA Newsletter August 2012
e-Z Setup for Sheet Forming - Release ANSA v.13.2.3 - Release Animator 1.4.8
FEA Newsletter July 2012
Incompressible CFD solver - GNS Animator4 - ESI Group Vibro Acoustics - Predictive Engineering: Large Scale Normal Modes and PSD Analysis
FEA Newsletter June 2012
High Gear - designed by Jennifer Seely of Ford Motor Co. - LS-PrePost Presentation - μETA v6.8.1 Released
FEA Newsletter May 2012
Intro to LS-DYNA Conference - Training Courses - Events
FEA Newsletter April 2012
DatapointLabs Technical Note: The Conditioning of Plastics Prior To Testing - "Getting Started with LS-DYNA, Course Notes" by Morten Rikard Jensen
FEA Newsletter March 2012
LSTC’s Electromagnetic Solver - Total Human Model For Safety THUMS - ACP 3G Optimization
FEA Newsletter February 2012
Respirator Modeling; Fit (LS-DYNA) & Function (CF Design) NVH, Frequency, Durability and Vibro-Acoustics Analysis with LS-DYNA DYNAmore Swiss GmbH
FEA Newsletter January 2012
Modelin Resin Transfer - Molding Using LS-DYNA - Recent Capabilities in (SPH) in LS-DYNA