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FEA Newsletter 2010

FEA Newsletter December 2010
Faurecia Automotive Seating Chooses LS-DYNA as Main Crash Solver - LS-DYNA MAT24 Crash Material Model Calibration - d3VIEW, a Brief Introduction
FEA Newsletter November 2010
LS-OPT Support Site latest News November 10, 2010 posting - DatapointLabs: Expert Material Testing, supporting the CAE and product developement community - Training Courses DYNAmore Germany - The 8th European LS-DYNA Users Conference hosted by ALYOTECH May 23rd & 24th, 2010 in Strasbourg
FEA Newsletter October 2010
Conference Paper Showcase - The ANSA Kinematics Tool: A Solver for performing complex mechanism movements - The 8th European LS-DYNA Users Conference hosted by ALYOTECH, May 23rd and 24th, 2011 in Strasbourg
FEA Newsletter September 2010
An Improved 3D Adaptive EFG Method for Forging and Extrusion Analysis with Thermal Coupling in LS-DYNA - An MPP Version of the Electromagnetism Module in LS-DYNA for3D Coupled Mechanical-Thermal-Electromagnetic Simulations - Brief on the Electromagnetism Module in LS-DYNA - THUMS: Total HUman Model for Safety, a short description
FEA Newsletter August 2010
LS-PrePost 3.0 now released - Nordic LS-DYNA User Forum, 14th October 2010, Gothenborg - Conference Paper Showcase: Stone Skipping Simulatin by ALE and SPH - Conference Paper Showcase: Mathematical Modeling of An Asteroid Falling into the Ocean
FEA Newsletter July 2010
LS-OPT User's Group on Google: the official LS-OPT Support Site - 9th German LS-DYNA User Forum, 12th / 13th October 2010, Bamberg - SPC Constraints in Dynamic Relaxation to Improve Convergence (blog.d3view by Suri Bala)
FEA Newsletter June 2010
Conference Paper Showcase: Advances on the Incompressible CFD Solver in LS-DYNA - Information about Dummy-Models from LSTC - DYNAFAB: Nilakantan Composites, a Preprocessor
FEA Newsletter May 2010
The 11th Int'l LS-DYNA Users Conference: Announcement and Progam - Oasys REPORTER: Fast and convenient postprocessing of LS-DYNA results - ß BETA CAE Systems SA: Preprocessing tools for Interior Safety simulation in ANSA - Invitation to the 9th German LS-DYNA User Forum 12th / 13th October 2010, Bamberg
FEA Newsletter April 2010
Featured Paper: Numerical Investigations to determine sources for the scatter of the BioRID Dummy - FTSS: Airman 50th Percentile Live Fire Dummy 124-0000 - 9th German LS-DYNA User Forum 12th / 13th October, 2010, Bamberg - LS-DYNA for Heat Transfer with Hot Stamping Applications
FEA Newsletter March 2010
INC Solver: For DYNAFORM 5.8+. Expanding the Usability of DFE - 11th Int. LS-DYNA UsersConference: Training Courses, Presentation Categories and Paper Titles
FEA Newsletter February 2010
Release of LS-OPT Version 4.1 with significant improvements on reliability and usability when distributing solver jobs across networks - ESI Announces VA One V2009.0
FEA Newsletter January 2010
ETA introduces Inventium Suite - BETA CAE Pre/Post-processing tools in ANSA & µETA for Pedestrain Safety simulation