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FEA Newsletter 2009

FEA Newsletter December 2009
Oasys LS-DYNA UK Users' Meeting on January 27, 2010. - Roadside Safety Program by TTI (W-beam guardrail model). - Featured Paper - Modeling of Ductile Failure in Metal Forming.
FEA Newsletter November 2009
Presentation Part1: LSTC Dummy/Barrier Models. - LS-OPT/Topology Now Released. - 9th International Symposium Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 2010 in Spain.
FEA Newsletter October 2009
Futured Paper: Material Modeling of Orthopedic Insoles. - Recent Advances in Hot Stamping Simulation with LS-DYNA . - Agenda of the LS-DYNA Update Forum 2009.
FEA Newsletter September 2009
New Design of Roadside Pole Structure: Crash Analysis of Different Longitudinal Tubes using LS-DYNA. - Knee Bolster Developement for Full Frontal Impact with Unbelted Occupant. - Updated: Implementation and Validation of Frequence Response Function in LS-DYNA.
FEA Newsletter August 2009
3rd ANSA & µETA International Conference September 9-11,2009. - Case Study. Predictive Engineering. LS-DYNA Drop Test Analysis. - 8th LS-DYNA Forum 2009 in Germany. The attendance of the conference is free of charge .
FEA Newsletter July 2009
The 11th International LS-DYNA Users Conference, June 06-08, 2010. First Call for Papers. - Concrete Model in LS-DYNA (i.e. , MAT_072). - HPC - High Performance Computing, Part 1.
FEA Newsletter June 2009
Line-Die Simulation - a Novel Approach. - Review of the 7th European LS-DYNA Conference. - eta / DYNAFORM: Expanded Die Analysis Solution Improves Efficiency.
FEA Newsletter May 2009
LS-DYNA Version 971 R4.2 New Features and Enhancements. - LSTC FE ODB Barrier for use in IIHS 40 % Front Offset Vehicle Impact. - LS-OPT Version 4: Enhanced Visualization Capabilities for Multi-Objective Optimization.
FEA Newsletter April 2009
Topology Optimization using LS-OPT/Topology. - Cray XC1 supercomputer - HPC performance to everyone. - Creating imperfections in LS-DYNA using the *PERTURBATION keyword.
FEA Newsletter March 2009
Cray XT5m (TM) System expands market for Cray's successful Petaflops Technology. - Short Course of Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis by Hughes/ Belytschko.
FEA Newsletter February 2009
Pre and Post Conference Seminars - 7th European LS-DYNA Conference.
FEA Newsletter January 2009
LS-OPT version 3.4 release. Robustness analysis of metal forming using LS-OPT.