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Workflow-based Material Characterization for LS-DYNA® in d3VIEW

Abstract Characterization of material models involves a series of operations, verifications and eventual use of developed material card in simulation models. LS-DYNA presents over 300 material models and provides a wide-variety of materials that can be modeled. In this paper, we hope to present a workflow based material characterization in d3VIEW for Metals, Polymers, Cellular Solids, and Elastomers. A simple workflow example will be included to demonstrate the process of importing data from an Uni-Axial test, create a preliminary material card, run LS-DYNA simulations to optimize the post-necking behavior using LS-OPT®, and generation of the LS-DYNA keyword that incorporates parameters identified in LS-OPT. With the workflow capability, we hope to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in developing material cards for LS-DYNA.