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Survey of four material models for ballistic simulations of high-strength concrete

This study briefly presents four concrete models used for ballistic impact simulations. The models are the RHT model (*MAT_272 or *MAT_RHT), the CSCM model (*MAT_159 or *MAT_CSCM), the K&C model (*MAT_072R3 or *MAT_CONCRETE_DAMAGE_REL3) and a modified Holmquist-Jonson-Cook model (MHJC). The first three are available as standard models in LS-DYNA with the option to automatically generate their constitutive parameters. The MHJC model has been implemented as a user subroutine. In the present study, we calibrated the MHJC model parameters for C75 high-strength concrete by using laboratory material experiments and data from the literature. Ballistic simulations of C75 concrete slabs impacted by ogival projectiles validated the accuracy of the calibrated parameters. We evaluated the default parameter generation of the former three models compared to the latter.